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What Clients Ask The Most

What You Should Know


A Mortgage professional finds you the best deal on a mortgage.  It is impossible to know that you have negotiated the best mortgage until you have shopped all of the financial institutions competing for your business.

A mortgage agent will work for you to get you the best rates, provide a comprehensive service, expert advice and it's free!

Pre-approvals help target your home search and give you the confidence you need when looking and making offers.  Pre-approvals take a short time to obtain with me and are worth their weight in gold!

This will help you understand your credit report and tips on how to improve and maintain it.

What Closing Costs Should I Expect?

In addition to the down payment, lenders estimate 1.5% of the purchase price to be the average closing costs.

Choosing what type of mortgage and what length of term best suits your needs is a big decision.  This helps explain the differences and we will discuss what will work best for you in our discussions.

Paying off your home doesn't have to take a lifetime.  Here are some tips to help you pay down your mortgage faster!

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